Bridget Sullivan (Nicole Steinwedell) on The Unit

Bridget Sullivan

Bridget Sullivan (United States Army, Callsign "Red Cap") is a United States Army soldier who is portrayed on "The Unit" by actress Nicole Steinwedell.

Sullivan joins the Unit during the events of the Season 4 episode "Sacrifice". While undercover with an arms dealer for 18 months, Bridget was instrumental in the Units success in eliminating the dealers threat. En route back to the United States the team is called back into action to answer an attack on the Line of Succession. Terrorists had penetrated the military itself, posing as National Guard troopers and even going so far as to obtain the days safety word.

Bridget requested to stay on with Jonas and the unit to aid them in their counter-attack. Jonas agreed, as the team was dispatched to Colorado where the president-elect was last seen. Jonas ordered Bridget to a Park Ranger station to relay directions to them and gather intelligence on the enemy combatants possible movements. She came under attack after the enemy had been listening in on the units radio transmissions, but she outsmarted her assailants and managed to take them out, with the help of Mack whom showed up in the nick of time.

Following the initial assault, the wives of the Unit members were immediately forced into hiding. They were given new identities and false cover in order to protect them from any remaining rogue elements that may be looking for them in the government. Bridget accompanied the women on their bus ride to California where the 303rd's new location was going to be, along the way she coached the women in their background story and other aspects of their new identities.

In the Season 4 episode "Sudden Flight", Bridget and Mack are left behind while the team goes on a mission to recover a nuclear physicist who may have ties to terrorists trying to procure nuclear arms. Bridget continued with getting the women acclimated to their new lifestyles and made sure every detail was addressed. She had a difficult time with Kim's cooperation as Kim was forced to separate from her children due to their young age and liability to blow the Units new cover. Kim, learning her infant daughter Emily had endocolitis and required surgery, snuck away from the Unit's apartment complex and sought to secretly drive to Texas to be present for Emily's surgery. Bridget, responsible for the women, enlisted the help of Molly to track Kim down. Molly found Kim at a gas station and apparently sided with her, agreeing to accompany her to Texas. After being pulled over for speeding by a CHP officer, Molly tries to reason with Kim saying that there was no way to make it to Texas in time. At that moment Bridget climbs into the back seat of Molly's car and convinces Kim to return to their apartment.

In that same episode, it is revealed through a discussion with Mack, that Bridget has four brothers and one of them is in the U.S. Navy, and all four of them are apparently proud of her service.

In the following Season 4 episode "Sex Trade", Bridget again plays an instrumental role in the teams operations to recover weapons-grade plutonium from a Russian arms dealer named Petrov in Kosovo. While Jonas is undercover as an African buyer for the plutonium, another party arrives in the picture to purchase the plutonium. To eliminate the opposition, Bridget goes under cover as a prostitute and seduces the two buyers. While they're distracted by Bridget, Bob and Mack take them out. They're subsequently able to recover the money that would have been used to out-bid Jonas and purchase the plutonium. Later in the episode, Bridget, under the guise of a flower peddling street vendor is able to get close enough to Jonas to tip him off that the man his liaison has with him that is claiming to be Petrov, is in fact an imposter--allowing Jonas to postpone the transaction until Petrov himself is present. She risks her career by ordering helicopters to cross the border into Syria to rescue the rest of The Unit, the team later blackmailing the CIA in order to get her reinstated.

She often serves in the TOC and is often used in the undercover role but not in straight combat missions. A notable exception occurs in the season 4 episode "Best Laid Plans" in which she participates in a mission to assassinate an arms supplier. When the original plan for another Unit member to snipe the target falls apart, and the team is informed the man must die in a way that does not look like an assassination, Bridget comes up with the idea of arranging a lethal injection of the man. When the time comes, it falls on Bridget, disguised as a hotel maid, to end the unconscious man's life herself.

The attitude of the Unit wives to Bridget is less certain, especially as she is instrumental in having them rehoused as a security measure at the beginning of season 4. It is noticeable they do not seem to socialize with her or welcome her to the group as they do with the male Unit members and their families. In order to provide a convincing cover for Sam McBride to leave The Unit in disgrace and be recruited as a mercenary for a terrorist group he pretends to attempt to rape her. In the last episode he vaguely apologises to her and she seems to accept it whilst keeping some distance between them.

Skills and characteristicsEdit

She carries a Colt .45 automatic pistol as a sidearm (something that impresses Mack Gerhardt) and a .22 derringer as a backup weapon. She also uses a Colt .32 to rescue Bob Brown in 'Misled and Misguided'. She is beautiful, highly intelligent and speaks fluent Arabic and French.

5th season storylineEdit

According to the writers in season 5 Bridget would have discovered that Sam was gay and become his confidant. She would have entered into a relationship with Jonas Blane but eventually break it off as she would fear that his feelings for her are clouding his tactical judgement. She is instrumental in helping Colonel Ryan recruit and train more women into The Unit. In the mid-season she would be mortally wounded on a mission, her dying words forgiving Sam for the fake rape, her death in turn aggravating Jonas' combat stress. One of her brothers would refuse to accept the cover story surrounding her death and ally himself with the human rights group attempting to expose and prosecute The Unit.