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Every Step You Take is the fourth episode of The Unit in the third season. Jonas and Molly deal with their daughter dropping out of college to join the army while


Fort Griffith Edit

The Jonas family is eating dinner with their daughter home. Betsy reveals that she has decided to drop out of college after attending only three years, much to the dislike of her mother. She then reveals to the family that she is going to enlist in the army. Her mother leaves the room in disgust.

Later in the bedroom Jonas and Molly speak about how they don't believe she is ready. Jonas says that she should have been ready for the decision, Molly argues that she was not ready for "her first day of kindergarden".

Abijidan, U.S. Embassy Edit

Bob and the team are evacuating the U.S. embassy while the ambassador is not so happy about the team not arriving sooner than they did, which brings a curt reply from Bob, "Sir. Would you have rather waited longer?" The ambassador's wife is able to persuade him to leave the embassy.

Hector rushes in alerting Bob that the evac bus has arrived. Meanwhile, Mack is in charge of medical and is helping natives that are sheltered at the embassy. One girl comments that they are not going to be saved because they are not Americans, Mac can only frown and say that they have a list of people to evacuate. Edward, the ambassador, continues to bicker with Bob about leaving. His wife tells Edward that she is leaving with these men (the Unit members). Hector notes that their package is here while Edward finally agrees to go with the men.

One American, a boy that is probably around 16 is distressed that they are leaving the locals and only taking Americans. Mack attempts to reassure him telling him that once they leave the locals will be safe. It is revealed that the boy has a girlfriend that is presumbably native to the region, Mac replies with a "We all have a girlfriend." His father who was instructing the locals on proper safety procedure begins to leave the building and refers to the boy as his son telling him to listen to Mack.

Fort Griffith Edit

Jonas sits at the kitchen table as Betsy walks in, he instructs her to turn off the phone and to get in the car as they are going on a drive. Betsy resists, but ulitmately gets in the car, but not before grabbing a wallet, which Jonas told her not to bring.

They are driving on a road through the forest when Jonas has Betsy get out on the side of the road and tells her to follow the road to a camp site about 3 miles up.



  • Grey does not appear in the episode even though he is in the credits.

Bloopers and Continuity ErrorsEdit

  • When they see the French cardioloigist the name on the nameplate is mispelled.