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First Responders
The Unit 1x01

March 7th, 2006
Written by
Davis Guggenheim
Directed by
David Mamet

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Special guest star(s)
Michael O'Neil
Mary McCan
Guest starring

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First Responders is the pilot for the show The Unit. A plane is hijacked by Arabic terrorists and the Unit members must retake the plane. Meanwhile, Kim deals with moving onto the base and copes with her newly found out pregnancy.


Fort Griffith Edit

Tiffy is shopping for several toys for her daughters so that once Mac gets back, he can give them to the girls.

Afghanistan Edit

Jonas and Mac along with Hector and Grey begin to laser target an elusive arms dealer, but a local guirella group leader complicates manners. They are barely able to escape.

Fort Griffith Edit

Mac is sent back out again and Molly and Tiffy head over to recieve the new person on the base Kim Brown. Kim deals with several problems while moving on base and learns the cover that they must keep to make sure that their husbands are safe.



  • In Ron's cabin there is a photo of the creator of the series Eric L. Haney.
  • This episode was nominated for the 2006 Emmy Award for the Outstanding Stunt Coordination.
  • The song at the end of the episode is named Ooh Child.

Bloopers and Continuity ErrorsEdit

  • The laser designator aimed at the limo is packed up once the missle is away. However, the laser designator needs to guide the missle therefore the designator needs to be focused on the target until impact. However with Laser JDAM's the laser designator provides the GPS coordinates of the target to the plane dropping the bomb.