The Unit is called in to lead an assault on the Brayndon School in Virginia where a group of Chechen terrorists have taken several hundred students hostage. Bob enters the school diguised as a teacher, and gathers intelligence as a hostage, to find that the terrorists wired Claymore mines to explode if anyone enters the library where the children are being held. The rest of the team, mainly lead by Hector, train a SWAT team on the best way to take the terrorists down without losing any students. The team finds a way in through storm drains to the girl's locker room, damaged by a flood, and splits up because the terrorists have placed the hostages in two locations. Mack and Grey take a class room while Hector and Jonas take the terrorists in the library where Bob is being held. During the assault, Bob disables the Claymores. No hostages or assault members, SWAT or the Unit, are killed.

Meanwhile, Kim and Tiffy meet a boy from Lissy's school after he gets hurt skateboarding outside of their house.  His mother, Captain Tate, is courteous upon arriving to pick up her son, but reminds them that army regulations prohibit enlisted soldiers and their families from fraternizing with officers.  Despite regulations, Kim lets the two hang out at her house while Lissy talks to Kim about an upcoming school dance.  Kim talks to Tiffy, who requests that Molly speak with Captain Tate.

Several days later, Kim comes home to find Lissy and the boy shirtless, though she hides what she's seen from Tiffy at Lissy's request.  When Lissy comes home in tears because the boy spread a shirtless photo of Lissy (who is a minor) that he took without her knowledge at Kim's house, Tiffy angrily confronts Captain Tate and tells her in no uncertain terms that she has a choice: Captain Tate moves her son to another school, or Tiffy shows the photograph to Colonel Ryan, which would end Captain Tate's career and lead to her son's arrest for possessing child pornography