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Manual of Style: Character PagesEdit

  • Full name of character
  • Full name of actor who portrays character linked to actor page (only if available)
  • Basic information: date of birth, date of death, occupation, status, family, etc.
  • Description in threaded bullet point fashion of what the character did, separate by season
  • Trivia facts about the character that are interesting to know, but can't fit elsewhere

Manual of Style: Episode PagesEdit

  • Name of episode
  • Template for season if available
  • Short summary in paragraph form at the top including:
    • What season the episode was in
    • What number the episode was (e.g.305, 111)
    • Brief synopsis of what happened in chronological order
  • Bullet points in chronological order of what happened, major points
  • Trivia section should contain information that couldn't fit elsewhere

Cross referencingEdit

All pages should link any names such as Jonas Blaine to his article at appropriate times.