Sam McBride
Portrayed by Wes Chatham
Sam 'Whiplash' McBride
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Staff Sergeant Sam "Whiplash" McBride

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U.S. Army Staff Sergeant

Behind the scenes

Sam McBride (Whiplash) is the newest member of Alpha Team.


Staff Sergeant Sam McBride Codename 'Whiplash' joins The Unit in the episode 'Hero' during the middle of the 4th season. He is put through a nerve shredding final test of loyalty where he is apparently arrested by the ATF who hold him responsible for the death of a judge during a training exercise. We later learn this is due to him having a reputation amongst his peers as being something of a loner. He passes with flying colours and takes part in 5 operations as part of The Unit's Alpha Team with great success, including helping to kill the sniper who shot dead his predecessor, Hector Williams. However he appears to develop an obsession with fellow Unit member Bridget Sullivan and in 'Whiplash' seems to attempt to rape her whilst drunk. He goes on the run and after Jonas brings him in he escapes from police custody and is employed as a mercenary working for a terrorist group. In fact this is all a ruse and he is still working undercover for Colonel Ryan in order to prevent a planned terrorist nuclear attack. He returns to The Unit and apologises to Bridget for what he did to her in order to establish his cover, something she very reluctantly accepts. In his final scene he is depicted partying happily with the rest of Alpha team who seem willing to take him back without any apparent problems.


It is unclear what Sam McBride's prior millitary unit is or what decorations he has. We know very little about his background, meeting only one ex-girlfriend with whom he appears to have a very casual, shallow relationship. He uses a Glock 9mm pistol despite Mack Gerhardt trying to persuade him to swap to a Colt 45. He appears to be very skilled in the art of 'Parkour', the highly regarded sport (or art form, as some may argue) of finding the fastest route from Point A to Point B, overcoming all obstacles in your path. He is very resourceful and technically adroit, especially in terms of escape. He is also extremely ruthless, pretending to force himself upon Bridget in order to carry out his mission and shooting an unarmed couple in cold blood in order to maintain the trust of a terrorist leader in him. In the course of the series he kills 12 people.

Fifth season storylineEdit

According to the writers in season 5 it was planned that Bridget Sullivan would discover that Sam is actually gay, hence his reputation as a loner and his lack of long term relationships with women. He agonizes over whether or not to come out to his macho colleagues, allowing the series to tackle the controversy over the US miltiary's 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy on homosexuality. Ironically given their history Bridget would become his trusted confidant and when she is mortally wounded on a mission her dying words are to forgive him for the fake rape he made her endure. At the end of the season Sam would have been promoted to assistant team leader and aid Charles Grey in training new recruits in order to bring Alpha Team up to full strength.