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  1. "The Unit: The Complete First Season"
  2. "The Unit: The Complete Second Season"
DVD Information:
Number of Episodes: 23
Format: NTSC
Running Time (Approx): 17 Hrs 5 Mins (Region 1)
15 Hrs 29 Mins (Region 2)
List Price: $59.98 (US)
$89.98 (Canda)
£39.99 (UK)
Number of Discs: 6
Region 1 Release Date: September 25, 2007
Region 2 Release Date: October 22, 2007

The IntelEdit

"They are The Unit, a covert Special Forces team operating outside the usual military chain of command, risking their lives on undercover missions at home and abroad. Their identities are highly classified, a secret thats also fiercly guarded by their wives. But despite the men's determination to protect their families from the dangers of the job, they've learned that the enemy they have defeated in the field is also capable of bringing the fight right back to their own front door. Hailed by the critics as thrilling, explosive and downright gung-ho, "The Unit revolutionizes the miltary drama" (TV Guide)"
— From The Back Cover of the DVD Boxset



Inital Cover Art (R1)


Front Cover Art (R2)

"Change of Station"
"Extreme Rendition"
"The Kill Zone"
"Force Majeure"
"Old Home Week"
"Off the Meter"
"Natural Selection"
"Report by Exception"
"Silver Star"
"The Broom Cupboard"
"Sub Conscious"
"Johnny B. Good"
"The Water is Wide"
"Games of Chance"
"Dark of the Moon"
"Two Coins"
"In Loco Parentis"
"Paradise Lost"

Special FeaturesEdit

Special Features:
The Making of "The Unit" Season Two Featurette
Mission: The Making of Sub-Concious Featurette
Dark Side of The Moon: Working With Weapons Featurette
Stills Gallery
Commentary on "Extreme Rendition" - Episode Commentary with Executive Producer Shawn Ryan, Associate Producer Nicolas Bradley and Regina Taylor.
Commentary on "The Kill Zone" - Episode Commentary with Demore Barnes, Dennis Haysbert, Lynn Mamet and Robert Patrick.
Commentary on "Force Majeure" - Episode Commentary with Scott Foley, Michael Irby, Max Martini and Daniel Voll.
Commentary on "Natural Selection" - Episode Commentary with Audrey Marie Anderson, Scott Foley, Eric Haney and Sharon Lee Watson
Commentary on "Silver Star" - Episode Commentary with Dennis Haysbert, Max Martini and Bill L. Norton
Commentary on "Sub Conscious" - Episode Commentary with Audrey Marie Anderson, Abby Brammell and Daniel Voll
Commentary on "Johnny B. Good" - Episode Commentary with Todd Ellis Kessler, Max Martini and Vahan Moosekian
Commentary on "Dark of the Moon" - Episode Commentary with Eric Haney, Dennis Haysbert, Shawn Ryan and Michael Zinberg.
Commentary on "Freefall" - Episode Commentary with Abby Brammell, Dennis Haysbert and Daniel Voll.
Commentary on "Paradise Lost" - Episode Commentary with Abby Brammell, Dennis Haysbert, Lynn Mamet and Vahan Moosekian.